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Nordico DC - 2017 Lusitano Stallion

Dreaming about colour? NORDICO DC (called Cortez here on the ranch) is all we hoped for in talent, trainability, and temperament. With cream, pearl, and primitive "non-dun" ND1 colour genes, Cortez produces "colours of the rainbow" - unique offspring of many different colours, while also passing on natural soundness in body and in mind. As Buddy once commented, "he's not just collected in his body, but in his mind too".

Nordico DC is a son of Campeador CSM

Homozygous black (E/E)

Heterozygous agouti (A/a)

Heterozygous cream (N/Cr)

Heterozygous pearl (N/Prl)

Homozygous primitive "non-dun" (nd1/nd1)

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