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Buddy and Devanee Cardinal are both Former 3* Parelli Professionals, Horse Developers, and Ranchers. Natural Horsemanship principles are combined with an emphasis on adding purpose like we do on the ranch and ALWAYS a Horse Development Focus helping you and your horse improve daily. 


Our journey through the Parelli Program was a huge part of our foundation as Horsemen and teachers. We can honestly say that without the Parelli Program our dreams with horses would have probably remained just that. . . dreams.  So we are very grateful to Pat and Linda Parelli for their program which draws us a road map to becoming horsemen. In 2018 we decided to no longer continue as licensed Professionals. We still recommend the Parelli Program to our students and support them in their journey through the levels.  We are enjoying increased flexibility and diversity on what and how we teach. but our foundation has remained the same. Whether it is problem solving or bringing horsemanship to the next level, there is nothing better than coaching our students towards realizing their dreams with horses too.

What is Natural Horsemanship?   Natural Horsemanship is just good horsemanship.  Pat Parelli’s definition says it well, ‘horsemanship can be obtained naturally through psychology and communication, instead of fear mechanics and intimidation’

Much more than just riding!!  It's about partnership both on the ground and in the saddle. A safe and fun partner is one that does not rely on mechanics to stay connected.

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<<Online: We start on the ground with a halter, 12ft. lead rope and carrot stick. Learning the 7 games that horses actually play with each other (and winning them) is the first step to building a relationship of both rapport and respect. We call this Level 1 the Partnership Level.

>>Freestyle: This is basically riding without contact, or with loose reins. There is so much more to this than first meets the eye. It’s about applying the same communication we learned from the 7 Games on the ground to our riding. We teach improved rein positions that allow our horses to become more emotionally fit (calm, connected and responsive) We sometimes think of Freestyle riding as the bridleless riding, and if that’s your dream it will definitely take you there. But, in Level 2 it’s mostly important for the building a Partnership from the saddle that is both safe and FUN!

<<Liberty: Liberty is playing on the ground without a line attached to your horse. When you have lightness in your communication online….it’s time to take it all off! It’s all about connection and harmony. 

>>Finesse: Now that you have a partner that is both light and confident it’s time to add contact though our reins to the bit. We use the contact with the bit for refinement, rather than control. This leads to beautiful precision riding.  All your dressage urges whether English or Western will get satisfied, and your horse will love it too.


Types of Clinics We Offer:

Partnership Days


An Introductory Level Clinic (Similar to Level 1 and 2 of Parelli) Communication is essential to every good relationship and in this clinic you learn to share a language with your horse.  It starts on the ground and transfers to the saddle.

Progress Days

This is a beyond the basics, multi-level clinic that has a Horse Development focus.  It’s partly set up for our working students, so it’s especially progressive, and an amazing time to work on your horsemanship foundation.  Includes topics such ‘Phaseology’, ‘Keys to Connection’, ‘Developing Healthy Contact’, ‘Finesse without Stress’.   (Great support for students progressing through Level 3 or 4 of Parelli Program, and/or have Horse Development goals)

Ranch Schools and Camps.

Please see the Camp Section of the Website for more details.

(Bring your own horse or use one of ours)

See our current schedule

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