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"Our family has hosted many clinics over the years so we are firm believers in the benefits to yourself, your horses, and your community. Hosting clinics can be great support for achieving your horsemanship goals. Hosting is a lot of work, but it kept us progressing and we have met a community of horseman heading in the same direction and that makes the journey so much sweeter."



When you host a clinic, your spot is free for all of your efforts. In addition to this, we have set up a program where you can earn free credits towards clinics with us at Cardinal Ranch.

Hosting is more than just booking a clinic. It's a way of bringing knowledge and inspiration to your backyard. It's about creating community. Gayle and Peter and just one example of hosts that have brought our clinics to Vancouver Island. They provide an incredible facility for learning, and the atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie is second to none.

It is going to be pretty simple. For every day you host you will earn a ½ day of Instruction with Devanee or Buddy at Cardinal Ranch for free during their home clinic schedule. For example, if you hosted 6 days of clinics/year, you would be eligible for 3 days of free clinic days at Cardinal Ranch.

Hosting means FLEXIBILITY!

With Cardinal Ranch Horsemanship, you can pick your topic from already existing clinic formats or customize your clinic. For example, if you have a group that has a specific interest in Liberty, or needs some extra help with Lead Changes, we can set up a format for those topics. You can also customize the size of your clinic. The daily rate is the same, so students may decide to pay more and have fewer students in the group, or do a series of private lessons.

For details on hosting in your area contact us, and we can discuss what is involved or send you our hosting package.

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