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Cardinal Ranch Horse Sales – FAQ’s

Aren’t the horses you sell too young to be ‘confidence builders’?

Great question, but I would encourage you to judge each horse individually. There is no guarantee that an older horse will have the foundation/confidence you are looking for. He might ‘know things he doesn’t need to know’, at the same time a younger horse might have the right combination of experience that actually make his foundation very solid. We have plenty of examples of 3/4/5 yr olds that exude confidence beyond their years and have made amazing partners to their less than confident owners. Most of our sale horses do not have a lot of age on them because they sell too soon. This is a good sign. Ask for references if you would like.

How do Deposits work?

Our clients are often travelling quite a distance to meet our horses. A deposit simply holds a horse for an introduction. If the horse is not a good match, or does not pass a vet check, the deposit is fully refundable. We can hold horses up to 4 weeks, but it depends on the time of year. We do NOT hold horses without a deposit, or arrange vet checks. Please inquire if you would like to see our deposit agreement.

How do we arrange to come and meet a horse?

Most clients that are coming a distance fly into Edmonton and drive the rest of the way (about 5 hrs). We have a B&B close by that we recommend. Staying a couple of days is recommended, and using a clinic as a horse introduction is also a great way to go. If you buy the horse, the clinic is included!

Will you bring a horse to one of your clinics so I can meet them there?

Usually not. We try to travel with just our clinic horses, and it’s always easier for people to travel than horses. We can sometimes use one our trips to help deliver a horse that you have purchased. You pretty much need to come to the ranch if you want to get to know a horse. If you want to see our horses in other environments, we can haul somewhere during your visit.

Can I buy without coming to Cardinal Ranch?

Yes, if we have comprehensive video of our horse you may be able to get to a comfort level that you are ready to buy ‘sight unseen’. It helps very much to have an instructor who can correspond with us to make sure the match is a good one. About a third of our sales are done this way.

Do I need to be a Parelli Student to get along with one of your horses?

No, you don’t. As long as your goals line up with ours as far as ‘building a relationship of trust and respect’ through a natural approach. There are a lot of great horsemen/women who don’t have a ‘Parelli label’ and we would be honored for them to own one of our horses. At the same time I think a person would ‘optimize’ the foundation we have laid in the horses having some basic knowledge of the Parelli Program. It is also a great tool for keeping the relationship going in a good direction.

If I buy a horse from Cardinal Ranch will he/she adapt well to a ‘paddock’ lifestyle?

In our experience the answer to this has always been ‘YES’! They love it! It’s great to raise horses in herds and big open spaces. We believe it’s a good for development physically, but also psychologically. However, it’s not realistic for everyone and many of of our horses move onto a life of paddocks, stalls, and turn out. They do great. The important thing is that you pay attention to your horse’s natural needs for space and family.

Do you give a ‘guarantee’ on your horses? Can I get a refund if the horse I purchase does not work out for me?

The short answer is ‘no’. We do our best to give horses a good foundation and match them up to appropriate humans. However, horses are not motor bikes They are ever changing individuals that adapt and learn things that we cannot always predict. We will work with you to sort out any issues that may come up, however the responsibility of the horse shifts to the buyer at the point of purchase. The clinic credit can help with this, or hopefully you might have an instructor in your area that is already helping coach you through any rough spots.

How do you price your horses? They seem a little expensive for just recreational horses.

Yes, they are definitely ‘cheaper’ horses on the market. The horse market is full of horses that are being sold for one reason or another, often by the owner/trainer after things have gone sideways. In contrast, we are selling our best horses. Our other reasons are on the business front. On average we sell about 10-15 horses a year. Some of these have been raised from a foal. Costs of raising horses, and paying the ranch bills, add up. If you don’t generate income from your investment of time, money, and skill, then what you have is a very expensive hobby and you have to get a ‘day job’. ( We do not want to get a day job! )

Another note on pricing is that mares, in the recreational market, sell for less than a gelding in most cases. (Mares Rock! (as we say around here) but the perception is very strong that the easier going nature of the geldings is better. We think our mares blow that perception out of the water, but still the pricing variation exists.

Prices on this website are in Canadian funds. GST applies to Canadian Sales.

Are your horses kept barefoot?

Mostly. We use some boots when we are riding on more harsh terrain, but most horses do well on the ranch barefoot. We are not 100% against shoes however, and use them temporarily when it seems like the best option.

Shipping and Transport

Horses have been transported to Ontario, Michigan, California, and New Mexico, Connecticut, Washington, Pennsylvania and the list goes on.

Cardinal Ranch has worked with several transport companies that will safely transport your new partner home. The pricing on transportation varies considerably. We usually get a few quotes from companies we have worked with and the purchasers make their choice.

The buyer can expect to pay around $1,400 for transport from Cardinal Ranch to Ontario. Cardinal Ranch can make the shipping arrangements for you and usually the horse can be delivered within a few weeks depending on transport companies schedules. Usually horses can be delivered right to your barn door.

What if I am transporting a horse to the United States?

We usually allow two weeks to get the paperwork done to send a horse to the US. It is easiest to do this through a transport company as they as familiar with the paperwork at the border crossing. Export papers are done by our local vet and of course a negative coggins certficate. It is a little bit of paperwork but is really very simple to export a horse to the United States.

Isn’t that long trip hard on a horse?

Our buyers have said they couldn’t believe how well rested their horses looked after the journey. We think the transportation is actually harder on the humans involved. Our horses tend to load right up in the transport trucks and the lay over’s allow the horses to be unloaded and cared for. Not to say that something could not happen, but in our experience thus far horses have always arrived happy and healthy.

Do I have to have a vet check done?

A vet check is mandatory. It is done at the buyer’s expense (about $140 and up). This is between the buyer and the vet and includes a general health exam, flexion test, and checking out any other concerns you may have about the horse. Communication is directly between the vet and the buyer. We can provide you with information on the vet in our area.

Should I insure my horse after I buy him?

This is a good idea, and we especially recommend this for at least the first year while your new partner is making the transition. Cardinal Ranch is not liable for injury or death of the horse after the date on purchase. There are insurances available that will cover your horse during transport and over the next years in case of death or injury. They can cover vet fees as well as reimburse the purchase of the horse.

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