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Image by Helena Lopes



Join us for ‘Cowboy Camping’!

When we asked how we could improve the experience at Cardinal Ranch, students told us they would like options to stay on the ranch. The feedback was that the experience was probably different for those staying off the ranch. Missing out on campfires, shenanigans, or just hanging out with your horse.

The solution we came up with was adding some ‘Cowboy Campers’, that students can move into during their stay. They are simple, convenient. with contained kitchen and bathroom, and affordable. The photo here is a smaller camper for single or double occupancy, The others have room for 4, and another 6. So you can camp with your partner, or as many best horse friends and partners in crime that you can talk into coming with you.

Can I bring my own rig? Yes, that’s still available and we are working on improving this with improved flat spots and hook ups. .


Can I still tent it if I want? Yes, and it’s still free!


Are there still options to stay off the ranch? Yes, if you get tired of us, or just want to treat yourself, there are still very nice places to stay close by. My favorite is Bearberry Bed and Breakfast, only 5 minutes away. Also cabins available to rent close by. The town of Valemount is 20 minutes from our ranch and has a lot of different options.

Let us know if you would like more info.

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